Welcome to Web2000Host.com!

We provide professional, custom and affordable solutions to businesses that need a presence on the Internet.

We have been in business since 1995, and were among the very first companies offering Web Hosting. We personally managed more that 2,700 accounts. We were also involved in helping entrepreneurs access the Internet, and start up their own Web businessess (at the time when the graphic user Interface of the Web was non-existent, and was only Unix text-based) through a program that we created called "Computer Profits". We later developed and marketed the highly successful, more advanced program called "The All-in-One Electronic Marketing Kit".

As the Web progressed, we became more involved in the online arena as Internet Consultants and Web Developers, and with our many years of graphic design and Web-related experience, we have the perfect combination of skills that sets us apart from the competition.

Today Web2000Host.com (a subsiduary of SEA) offers turnkey solutions to business owners both in the Adult Internet arena, as well as in standard, main stream online business ventures. Our primary focus is Customer Service, and we have tailored our business to help emerging or existing businesses to be able to enjoy a presence on line, no matter what their budget may be. We offer our clients the opportunity to get online, and help you from the start-up phase of the business (hosting and developing the site), all the way to generating profits from your business (site maintenance, updates, promotion). See Services page for more details.

Our ultimate goal is to give you a site that you can feel proud of, and that meets your very personal tastes and requirements. We are extremely flexible and broadminded in our design, and as you will notice from some of our sample sites that we have layed out on our portfolio page, every site is totally different; unlike most developers who have their own particular style that they stick rigidly to.

Today, a presence on the World Wide Web is critical. The web allows you to sell more of your products and services: Online, your business can reach more potential customers in your own back yard and around the world.
Clients have 24-hour, 7-day access to your business: Putting your business online creates options for your customers. In today's society, time is of the essence. When people can browse your Website at their convenience in the comfort of their environment, you make it easier for them to become your customer.
Image: Having a presence online simply states that you are in touch with the future of your business and that you are serious about growing it.
The Internet is the future of business: Traffic on the Internet is doubling every 100 days and your business needs to be there!
Save time and money: You can save on toll-free calls and postage by answering frequently asked questions on your Website.
Enhance customer service: Give your customers what they want, how they want it and when they want it. The Internet makes this possible.

Please contact us to see how we can help YOU achieve success with this incredible new business opportunity!